About Saturn in the 12th house.

Written by Jovana Lučić-Gajić, Text published on 2012

    A lot of you e-mailed me with a question about the natal position of Saturn in the 12th house.
    It is important to look at the house that Saturn rules (the house in which Aquarius or Capricorn begins).
    Further on, the quality of Saturn should be checked (in which sign it dwells in the 12th house – whether it is in domicile – Capricorn or Aquarius; exaltation – Libra, exile – Leo or Cancer; or fall - Aries), the decade of the sign, whether it is retrograde or not, whether with Saturn in the 12th house you have some other planet, whether Saturn is in reception with some other planet, what are its aspects, and then check the aspects (whether some other planet is in separation or application with Saturn in 12th house).

    For aspect, it is obligatory to check the houses too that are ruled by the planet with which Saturn makes the aspect.
    So, seemingly, there is no simpler formula.
    Each sign triggers different activity (action) in the same house – in this case in the 12th. It is not the same to have the sign of Aries at the top of the 12th house and Saturn in Aries; or the sign of Capricorn in the same house with Saturn and Capricorn.

    Generally speaking, natal Saturn in the 12th topic (house, field) or in the twelfth sign from Ascendant, leads towards isolation – at least for a couple of hours for a man to hide from the world and find peace all alone.

    People with Saturn in the 12th house whether they want it or not – solve the problems of others, sympathizing deeply – sometimes even relating to those who suffer in any way. So sometimes they seem sad, depressed – taking over the troubles of other people.
    Saturn in the 12th house is a clear sign of repentance or regret, on its own. These people are tormented by the feeling of guilt also, and even when they are not guilty, they put up with accusations and assaults very often and with no real cause.

    If Saturn in the 12th house is bad positioned, it gives the image of fears and phobia usually occurring in prenatal period or in early childhood (from loss or indulgence in emotions), sometimes even the fear from paranormal, closing in the dark, elevator, etc.

    These people face business or health troubles of their partners, fear for lives of their children (because as Robert Corre would say - there is no greater and deeper sadness than the loss of a child – 12. It’s the eighth house from the 5th house), they usually have a grandfather who, at least for a while, crossed the ocean or was in a concentration camp, persecution (jail).

    Depending on the sign in which Saturn dwells, the nature of Saturn in the 12th house could be further modified. Of course, depending on the aspect and the position of the sign, these could be faithful people also, with great spiritual strength and stamina, people who are fasting or committed people prepared to wait for their ideal for the rest of their lives, if necessary.
    Common are problems with eyesight, teeth or chronic, often inherited, rheumatism with person having this position of Saturn.

    For instance,
    Angelina Jolie has the sign of Gemini (mind) in the 12th house (dark, fear) and Saturn in exile (in Cancer) in the 12th house (all kind of fears, depression, emotional suffering). The ruler of Saturn is the Moon that is in conjunction with Mars in Aries (both in quadrant with Saturn) in the second decade of the sign (decade of Leo) which will signify sadness, inclination towards self-infliction, fits of rage and anger, loss of control, rashness, etc. Every thing mentioned above reflected the early period of life (Mars, the Moon in fiery sign and in the decade of Leo - youth).

    On the other hand, Robert Redford has the top of the twelfth house in Aquarius (freedom, release...) and Saturn in Pisces retrograde in the 12th house in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, in the decade of Scorpio – death and transformation). Saturn is the ruler of his 11th and 12th house. Robert’s Saturn makes the opposition (other people) with the Moon – the ruler of the 5th house (children) and the mother and Mercury (traditional ruler of children and his ruler of the 4th house - parents).

    His father was a bookkeeper although very talented for writing “uncertain, with nerves on edge, somber and moody“. Robert suffered the most because of that, so he said that he was the one who carried consequences of their complicated relation the whole life. “For years I took offence at him for discouraging me and suffocating my individuality, but today I know he made sacrifice for us“.
    After his mother died (Saturn opposition Moon), year after he graduated, Robert lost scholarship for Colorado University because of his drinking (Saturn from Pisces retrograde in the 12th opposition Mercury - schooling). He enrolled in Pratt Institute of Art and lived as a painter in Europe. “I was studying for 12 hours a day, my room was filled with so much smoke that I could not breathe. I barely ate anything. I was loosing my weight day-to-day. I closed myself more and more. I didn’t want to talk, or to sleep. I didn’t want to do anything anymore, just to stare into the eyes of a guy in the mirror.”

    After he returned to the USA, Robert got married. “I asked everybody to believe in me, and I myself didn’t believe. I wanted to change the world, but also everyone who would pass by me. I didn’t have a cent in my pocket, and that is the only thing valuable when a couple starts living together“. Soon after getting married, he got a son named Scott that passed away, two and a half months old (the ruler of the 5th house is Moon in opposition with Saturn in XII).
    “I know this will sound selfish, but I felt sacrificed. I refused reasonable life for this adventurous. My father was always telling me that I am irresponsible. And Van Wagenen used to tell me that. And that was, I felt, a catastrophe I was responsible for“.

    There are strings of examples in which, of course except from feeling of guilt and the need for isolation, you will not see anything concretely BAD. But we will leave that for another time.