Text published on 2012

About Saturn in the 12th house

People with Saturn in the 12th house whether they want it or not – solve the problems of others, sympathizing deeply – sometimes even relating to those who suffer in any way. So sometimes they seem sad, depressed – taking over the troubles of other people.

Text published in Astrologos magazine, May 2013

Relationship Astrology

After the Sun and the Moon, it is the shiniest planetary object in the sky. In Babylon, the planet Venus was separated from the other planets and it was adored as a member of trinity (Venus, Moon and Sun). Not so long ago, in Polynesia, people offered sacrifice to the Morning Star – Venus. In Roman colonies it was called Lux divina (the light of God).

the text was published on April 10th, 2014

The path we did not take so far

Pluto’s retrograde motion is always more intensive than the direct motion of this planet. Strong and intensive break into subconscious, something that we “have been sweeping under the carpet” for months, the awakening of the hidden emotions, wrath, anger, fears and the need to control every life segment.

December 26, 2016

Transiting Mars conjunct or square Pluto

Conjunction is more superior aspect and you should have that in mind. Even with bad assessment of situation, it will endure in its intention at all costs. There is no going back, no giving up, no surrender. Because, this is the one who survived the attack from which every smart person would withdraw or lose life. This is the aspect of force and high pain tolerance. This is the aspect of control.

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