Do you want to be a billionaire?

In order to analyze person’s finances, his/her limits, money from personal commitment (work), inherited money or money gained in any other way, in a general analysis of natal chart, we will certainly (if we know the time of birth) look at the positions of the following astrological fields or houses. The second house, the sign at the top of the second house, dispositor (ruler) of the second house…will describe money gained by personal effort or work. The eighth house, the sign at the top of the eighth house, as well as dispositor of the eighth house will describe money of other people, inheritance, partner’s money, etc.

The position of Taurus in natal chart will additionally describe the topic from which money “activates”, where is money coming from, what is it spent on (for instance),


Definition of Astromedicine - Basic rules

Astromedicine is a branch of astrology, which studies tendencies of the person towards health and sickness, indicates the periods in which the person will be subject to diseases, when the disease will occur and what the course of disease will be. By analysis of radical (1) chart, we can help ourselves choosing adequate secondary, sometimes even the only right therapy. However, one shoud be careful, for not every therapy is good for everybody, our energetic potentials differ one from another, and something suitable for one person will not at all be adequate for another. Therefore, "Treat the patient, not the disease!"

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Retrograde Neptune

To remind ourselves, Neptune dwells in the sign of Pisces from April 5th 2011 until August 5th 2011, from February 4th 2012 until March 30th 2025, from October 23rd 2025 until January 1st 2026.
Neptune is on its own territory in Pisces (in dignity, as it is said), so if you are an artist (painter, writer, musician) this "moving backwards" suits you. But, dear artists, something or someone is disturbing even your “inspiration“. Simply, no one can do anything about it.If, perhaps, you are trying to live in a real, realistic world, this seeming move backwards, can really make you tired.

Astrocartography - Where to go for vacation? 

Homeland, hometown and place of residence are always represented by the sign of Cancer, fourth house and its natural ruler the Moon. But the Moon stands for wanderings, comings and goings as well as islands and lakes. With sign, ascendant in Cancer or accentuated position of the Moon in natal horoscope it always goes the saying “it’s nice to see the world, but even better to get back home”.


Rahu and Ketu – the ones who constantly lust.
Written by: Jovana Lučić-Gajić The text published in “Astrologos” magazine No. 118 (December 2013)

Lunar nodes are, from astronomical perspective, two imaginary mathematical points in space on Moon’s orbit, in which it crosses the ecliptic – the Sun’s imaginary path around the Earth. They are the points in which the paths of the Sun and Moon meet, observing from the Earth. The North lunar node represents a point in which the Moon ascends over ecliptic, while the South lunar node is a point in which the Moon descends beneath ecliptic.

The Composite Chart - Relationship Astrology.
written by: Jovana Lučić Gajić, Text published in Astrologos magazine, May 2013 

Venus is the second planet in the Solar system. As personification of Roman goddess of love (from which it got its name), it shines brightly in the sky, and also represents “the third light body”. Among people it is known as the Morning Star, Evening Star or Star Danica (in Serbian). After the Sun and the Moon, it is the shiniest planetary object in the sky. In Babylon, the planet Venus was separated from the other planets and it was adored as a member of trinity (Venus, Moon and Sun). Not so long ago, in Polynesia, people offered sacrifice to the Morning Star – Venus. In Roman colonies it was called Lux divina (the light of God). 

The path we did not take so far.

Pluto’s retrograde motion is always more intensive than the direct motion of this planet. Strong and intensive break into subconscious, something that we “have been sweeping under the carpet” for months, the awakening of the hidden emotions, wrath, anger, fears and the need to control every life segment.
With this exact motion “backward” each one of us will face the forgotten personal resources and exhibit, consciously or unconsciously, the strength in eagerness to overcome the present problems. Hidden motives of partners, surrounding and business associates will be reconsidered. The purpose of the present models of our behavior will be reexamined; we will think about our job, gained positions, change our principles and priorities. 
The power of recovery and regeneration is now the strongest. However, metamorphosis, which starts from the seeming motion backward, is not pleasant at the beginning.  

Transiting Mars conjunct or square Pluto.

Conjunction is more superior aspect and you should have that in mind. 
Even with bad assessment of situation, it will endure in its intention at all costs. There is no going back, no giving up, no surrender. Because, this is the one who survived the attack from which every smart person would withdraw or lose life. This is the aspect of force and high pain tolerance. This is the aspect of control. This is the aspect of dominance. This is the aspect of sexuality and death of taboo.