• Definition of Astromedicine – Basic rules 
  • Astromedicine is a branch of astrology, which studies tendencies of the person towards health and sickness, indicates the periods in which the person will be subject to diseases, when the disease will occur and what the course of disease will be.   

    By analysis of radical (1) chart, we can help ourselves choosing adequate secondary, sometimes even the only right therapy. However, one shoud be careful, for not every therapy is good for everybody, our energetic potentials differ one from another, and something suitable for one person will not at all be adequate for another. 
    Therefore, "Treat the patient, not the disease!"

    It is considered that slow (2) planets, positioned in 1., 4., 6., 8. and 12. house of natal chart, as well as their transits through these houses, indicate type of diseases to which we have tendencies during life, but also methods of treatment, which could be of the utmost use to us. “Powerful” or remarkable position of planets, independently from indicated houses such as stelium, can contribute to development of certain disease.  VI house indicates acute diseases which require clinical treatment,VIII house reflects terminal diseases, incurable, and the diseases requiring surgical interventions in wider sense,XII house indicates diseases and conditions requiring hospitalization and supervision.

    Jupiter in these houses can indicate health problems arising out of obesity. (Diabetes Mellitus (3), Hepatitis (4), Anemia (5)) but also lucky (6) outcomes of treatment, where optimism, will of life and continuous recreational workout will help to the person him/herself. 
    If in 6., 8. or 12. house there is a planet Saturn, the diseases will be caused by a bad circulation, bad habits, as well by depressive mental patterns. The treatment should be executed thoroughly and patiently, and phytotherapy (7) and longer stays in the sun are also useful. The most frequent diseases caused by disharmonic aspect of Saturn in 6., 8. or 12. house are bone and tooth diseases, multiplex sclerosis, rheumatic diseases. 
     in 6., 8. or 12. house can indicate sudden, acute diseases, occurring as  a consequence chronic psychical stresses and nervous weakness. Here all the methods of relaxation are salutary, such as autogenic training, positive mental programming, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation… everything except official medical treatments. The most frequent diseases brought by Uranus in 6., 8. or 12. house are Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, stroke… 
     in 6., 8. or 12. house indicates that the person can be very sensitive in physical, as well as psychical house, subject to infections, viruses, allergies to antibiotics, but also to groundless panic and hypochondria, so it is very important to find a source of emotional support in his/her physician and therapist, but also to seek advice from at least three physicians – because even the best physician can make wrong diagnosis in case of such person. 
     in 6., 8. or 12. house indicates, occurring as consequence of blocked sexual energy, suppressed emotions – especially anger, shame and guilt, which are necessary to be transformed through intensive work on our own self and recovery of the suppressed contents, so keeping of spiritual diary, and psychoanalysis are recommended. However, lately Pluto can give fatal, incurable diseases such as AIDS or tumors caused by radiation, etc.    

    Unlike natal astrology, where majority of information is directed to analysis and synthesis of life horoscope, a lot of secondary horoscopes are routinely used in the astromedicine. 
    The basic idea is that at least four configurations are necessary in order for the disease to occur, and it is not important which of them is in which horoscope.  
    The long transits
     Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ‘’bring’’ the diseases very powerfully, and observed in middle-term, the situation is best shown in the progressive horoscope. 
    Other horoscopes of Solar Return should also be looked at, for some not necessarily lasting accents, but with consequences which can be felt for a long time, sometimes by the end of the life, can be seen from them. The Arabian points of incurable diseases, misfortunes, vices, (Ascendent + Mars - Saturn), points of incurable diseases (Asc. + Mars – Mercury), as well as the constellations of fix stars can only help.   

    When it comes to the astromedicine, an ordinary person mostly addresses the astrologist, when everything else was already tried. If, for example, we talk about the descendants – sterility, they mostly want to know the best moment for conception. In the best case, the astrologist will recommend you the method of the doctor Eugen Jonas. In the newest researches of the western genetic scientists, we have many proofs that the conception at the eclipse of the Moon or Sun, at the full Moon or when the transit Sun and malefics are in opposition, is unfavourable. Vocasek proved in 1969 that 50% of the mongoloid children – children with down syndrome – was conceived when in the concept horoscope Mercury is in Libra opposition Uranus.

    The planets are sources of energy in the horoscope and each of them has its characteristic significance.   
    The nature of Mars is passionate, it ‘’lights the fires’’ wherever it is, and therefore gives high fevers to the organism purifying it. Neptune represents the viruses and bacteria known to the medicine no matter when we live, while Pluto in time in which person lives gives unknown viruses and bacteria.    So-called uranium planets or uranium astrology, which uses eight ‘’uranium’’ planets, apply in the astromedicine with significant success.
    These are the planets which have not been astronomically spotted, but their effect is very much felt in the horoscope. Some of them have expressive medical significance, so the success in astrological diagnostics is increased to the fantastic 90%.  
    Out of twelve houses
     treated in the classical astrology, the astromedicine especially contemplates:
    • the first house symbolizing physical body,
    • the sixth house indicating tendency to certain type of disease,
    • the eighth house reflecting the support of others, sex, death, karma… diseases requiring surgical interventions,
    • the twelfth house reflecting hospital treatment, isolation chronic and psychical diseases,
    • the fourth house as hereditary and genetic factor at determination of diseases,
    1. The first house describes the conscience of the individual, brain injuries, brain tumors, upper jaw, moles,
    2. the second house electrolytes, hormones, personal choice of nutrition, pituitary gland, diabetes, throat,
    3. the third house lungs, arms, tongue,
    4. the fourth house stomach, chest, home nutrition, food input, mother influence,
    5. the fifth house heart, heart attack,
    6. the sixth house bowels, genetic disturbances,
    7. the seventh house kidneys, skin, “first the brain death, and then the death of the rest of the body”,
    8. the eighth house ejection of processed substances, pituitary gland, bladder, endocrine glands,
    9. the ninth house upper part of the brain, cerebral hemisphere, liver,
    10.  the tenth house the general picture of organism, metabolism, bones and skin,
    11.  the eleventh house circulation, hemoragies, neuralgias,
    12. the twelfth house autoimmune diseases, thymus, general immunity, liver.

    The ruler of the house
     is the principal indicator of events in the house, and the planets in it have secondary effect.
    In order to see which diseases someone will suffer from, we will look at the sixth house and its ruler, sometimes the dispositor of the ruler of the 6. house, its position, aspects and transits.
    Only if something significant would happen with the ruler, dispositor of the ruler and the planet in 6. house, we could ‘’anticipate’’ the existence of serious indicators of disease. 

    Never forget – at least four indicators, and sufficient number of years, are necessary for one disease. How the planet will “turn out”, depends above all on its relationship with other planets, on the angles closed by at least two planets

    Each aspect brings distinctive type of disease. The Sun and Saturn in aspect slow down the metabolism, while the Sun and Mars stimulate the person to “consume him/herself” therefore they give sportsmen, or simply people with good metabolism. The inconjunction – aspect of 150° - is especially ‘’malign’’, so if it is an equidistance between two planets, the person can expect the most diverse problems of medical nature. The disharmonic aspects of malefics towards the Moon produce the worst effects. The squares are especially disharmonic, so the square of Saturn towards the Moon gives the predisposition for cancer, but the squares of conjunctions of Neptune and Pluto towards the Moon can have the same effect.  

    Here also applies the rule that the disharmonious aspects produce effect, so the special attention is paid to them, because they bring sickness. ALWAYS look for the harmonious aspects, because they bring relief, and often healing, sometimes in the form of medicines, sometimes in the form of people corresponding to the description of the aspect itself (the triangle towards Neptune guarantees healing through apothecary, the triangle towards Jupiter through monk, hepatologist, hematologist…). 

    Each planet is in equidistance – middle point, with another or other two planets, which is interpreted as their mutual conjunction. There is a special interpretation for every middle point. For example, the middle point of Jupiter and Saturn relates to liver, of Mars and Saturn to death…   

    [1] natal charts
    [2] Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto 
    [3] Serna disease
    [4] common denominator for all liver diseases
    [5] anemia
    [6] if Jupiter is harmonious, especially from the Sun, the Moon but from the other planets as well
    [7] secondary therapy with medicinal herbs



Jovana Lučić-Gajić was born in Belgrade in 1974, where she lives and works.
From 1993 until 1997 she worked as an editor of astrological show “Night with astrologer” that was aired on Belgrade radio stations. 
From 1998 until 2008 she taught astrology at Belgrade university “Đuro Salaj”. From 2008 until today she teaches in her school "JovanaL27".
She is the author of five collections of texts; she writes and publishes texts for magazines and has regular astrological shows on regional televisions. She works with clients live or via Skype on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

e-mail: jovanalg@yahoo.com
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Definition of Astromedicine - Basic rules  
from “AstroMedica” by Jovana Lucic Gajic,  Miscellany of Essays VI, Belgrade , 2006
Astromedicine is a branch of astrology, which studies tendencies of the person towards health and sickness, indicates the periods in which the person will be subject to diseases, when the disease will occur and what the course of disease will be.  
By analysis of radical (1) chart, we can help ourselves choosing adequate secondary, sometimes even the only right therapy. However, one shoud be careful, for not every therapy is good for everybody, our energetic potentials differ one from another, and something suitable for one person will not at all be adequate for another...read more


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