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Venus is the second planet in the Solar system. As personification of Roman goddess of love (from which it got its name), it shines brightly in the sky, and also represents “the third light body”. Among people it is known as the Morning Star, Evening Star or Star Danica (in Serbian). After the Sun and the Moon, it is the shiniest planetary object in the sky. In Babylon, the planet Venus was separated from the other planets and it was adored as a member of trinity (Venus, Moon and Sun). Not so long ago, in Polynesia, people offered sacrifice to the Morning Star – Venus. In Roman colonies it was called Lux divina (the light of God).

From astrological perspective Venus symbolizes sisters, girlfriends, beauty, needs, enjoyment, grace, sensuality, unison, peace, harmony, comfort, art, music, jewelry, social relations, sense for aesthetics, colors, culture, bringing up, cooperation, agreement, gifts, striving for marriage, food, sweets, sugar, circular objects, reel. People with strong Venus in horoscope have a gift for smile, pleasure, love relations, etc. Depending on position and aspect that Venus builds a need for harmony and peace will be manifested, as, of course, the way we love, whom we love and what do we look for when it comes to emotions and emotional relations.
Venus will, for both genders, symbolize capability of creating and maintaining harmony in any type of relation, especially love.

In a man’s horoscope the position of the Moon (a woman with whom he will start home together) and Venus (a woman representing an ideal lover) will represent a profile of a woman for whom he is interested in, while in a woman’s horoscope the position of the Moon (ideal man, lover) and the Sun (husband) will represent a male figure that will draw attention.

The first exact aspect that a planet builds, with Sun (for a woman) or Moon (in a man’s horoscope), will describe a partner or circumstances of marriage.

For instance, if in a woman’s horoscope the Sun, a day after birth, takes the first exact aspect towards Pluto, the future partner will surely have the characteristics of Scorpio. For example, he can have Sun, Moon Ascendant in Scorpio or Pluto on Ascendant or next to Sun.  Forced focus on the partner. The marriage and the marital circumstances will be followed by dramatic turnovers, strong crises, control, and jealousy among partners and metamorphosis that has to happen in the end. A marriage with a widower or widowhood (if other aspects show that).

Further on, you should compare the elements of your partner’s and your Sun and Moon. Simple, is it? For instance, your Sun (temperament) is in the fiery (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), partner’s in the water element. Not good, is it? Or your partner’s Moon (emotion, soul) is in water and yours in airy element? Water irritates air. It would be ideal to complement each other. For example, let’s combine water and earth or fire and air.

We will certainly look at the sign of Libra. Which house does it take, do we have planets in the sign of Libra, etc. Pay attention to the fifth house, because we love with our fifth house, the seventh house represents agreements, commitments, legal act and unity that demands compromise. A sign at the top of the seventh house, dispositor of the 7th house and the aspects that it builds will also be of crucial significance when analyzing the relation towards marriage or partnership in general.

Let us go back to Venus again.

Whether in male or female horoscope, Venus in Aries falls in love strongly and quickly – always at first sight. It enters the relationships abruptly, in which it doesn’t know how to achieve stability later on. It reacts rashly and affectively in relation to the loved one, so the conflicts are inevitable. War (Aries) and peace (Venus) are the most often pictures of Venus in Aries on emotional level. Conflicts with women are often possible. Venus in Aries is constantly at new start and it stands for the first kiss and entering into relationship.
Venus in Taurus reflects spontaneity and laziness. It reflects faithfulness and care towards everyone it loves. When making emotional decisions and judgments, the crucial role is given to physical appearance (beauty), scents, hug. In partner relationship we can notice their tendency towards commitment and owning – “I love what I have” or “I have what I love”. Love and money here go together. This is, of course, the first kiss in the early youth or the first love in puberty.
Venus in Gemini most often plays “hide-and-seek” with partner’s feelings. Words dominate emotions. What you primarily expect from an emotional relationship is friendship and communication. It is most often “two field” player; it attaches younger partners and loves “love letters”.
Venus in Cancer instinctively feels affinity and aversion. Great sensibility easily causes hurt of feelings, which it always hides. Venus in Cancer bonds with neighbors, family, children, compatriots, people who love home, children, family.
Venus in Leo searches for successful, well-established, good-positioned partners. Attraction is in the first place. Passion, power, finance, children, hobbies are related to this Venus.
Venus in Virgo is always on standby. It puts an equal sign between work, hygiene and beauty. Sober, grumpy, organized and diligent. It realizes love, most often, with a colleague, a doctor, inferior person, craftsman. Quietness, thinking, analyzing during making contacts, shyness, restraint and distrust.
Venus in Libra is moderate, volatile and falls in love easily. It is aesthetic, romantic. It pampers a partner and everybody who loves it. It is a good diplomat in emotional life.
Venus in Scorpio is a jealous Venus. Passion, conflicts, closing, stocking, pregnancy…love at all costs that is activated when a person senses that he/she will lose a partner. Emotional crises and dramas.
Venus in Sagittarius is the most suspicious Venus at first glance. Flirtatious, with good sense of humor, hunters that are still when “caught”, they search for sport people, foreigners or educated people.
Venus in Capricorn loves chronological distances, age differences, responsibility, discipline, tradition. It hides the feelings, but basically it is very sensitive and sensual.
Venus in Aquarius is “more than a friend”. Modern and unconventional relationships, undependable, not jealous or possessive, and unfortunately, they even make good friends with people who draw their attention. The basic confusion occurs when Venus in Aquarius mixes friendship with love and does not figure out the way it loves someone. Most often, it indicates emotional stress and divorces.
Venus in Pisces gives sentimental people, loyal and ready to do anything for the person they care about. It idolizes partners and is ready to a great sacrifice. Drinking because of love and art talents. Platonic falling in love and escape from realization.

All this can “spoil” the aspect towards your Venus, so with little of Pluto, Venus will become obsessive, extreme and dramatic. With an aspect with Neptune, an idealist, romantic, dreamer and “ashamed” person. With little of Jupiter lazy and prideful, with little of Saturn “petrified, tormented, ready to last or wait”, with little of Mars combative and conflicting… 

When we have finally found the “candidate”, the next thing is to make a selection.

In comparative relations, among other things, you should first look at whom to AVOID. This “golden rule” should never be ignored.

If the other side has Sun on your Venus, you will certainly find that person interesting, but the egoism of that person will not make you feel good. If a partner has Moon on your Venus, there you have a chance for a kiss and closeness no matter how long it takes, it will stay remembered.
Mercury of your partner on your Venus will ensure a great friendly relation and, if nothing else, you will forever stay “friends” that communicate perfectly. Two Venus, one on another, believe it or not, become a strong burden that neither side has the strength to carry. Partner’s Mars on your Venus indicates passion and a great body connection. Finally, we come to the key part of the story.
Jupiter of your partner on your Venus will never be forgotten. That indescribable feeling of easiness, euphoria and spreading of emotions and happiness as soon as the other person is in your surrounding.
Saturn is “the old fox” you should stay away from. A teacher, for sure, but also the one that will give you lessons you may not need. At least this is easy. Look at the position of your Venus and avoid generation that has Saturn in the sign of your Venus. E.g. if you have Venus in the sign of Scorpio, pay attention to people born from October 1953 to October 1956, as well as those born from December 1982 to November 1985. Saturn always gathers, limits, makes harder, hinders…even the sole presence of Saturn in the sign of your Venus makes harder, in advance, any type of exchanging emotions and harmony among partners. Any trial of bonding, closeness or emotional exchange could, unfortunately, end “tragically” for a person whose Venus is at stake. This position most often depicts age, culture or even physical distance from partner. Destiny deprivation is certain, so move away from the wall – Saturn.
Uranus reforms, changes, wakes up, stimulates or simply shakes and goes away. If someone has Uranus on your Venus, this is a fascination that will be sudden, quick, of earthquake intensity, unforgettable but with no future. 
Neptune idealizes the relation, hides, cheats, and finally disappears. If someone has Neptune on your Venus, he/she will be idealized; you will have a platonic soul mate relation and in the end Neptune will get away without words.
If partner has Pluto on your Venus, prepare for fatal love story. Control, jealousy, obsession and dramatic break up, never without serious consequences.
North Lunar node of partner on your Venus indicates karmic connection and strong attachment from both sides. Recognition of each other on first site and absolute commitment.
South Lunar node on your Venus gives tormenting and a bit sadistic relation. Leaving, punishing and betrayal of emotions.  
This is a general review of comparison of your Venus with partner’s planets. The essence is far more complicated.


Jovana Lučić-Gajić was born in Belgrade in 1974, where she lives and works. From 1993 until 1997 she worked as an editor of astrological show “Night with astrologer” that was aired on Belgrade radio stations. From 1998 until 2008 she taught astrology at Belgrade university “Đuro Salaj”.From 2008 until today she teaches in her school "JovanaL27".
She is the author of five collections of texts; she writes and publishes texts for magazines and has regular astrological shows on regional televisions. 
She works with clients live or via Skype on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Astrology becomes aimless if we do not find the simple everyday symbolism in it. I say simple because my job is not to fascinate someone with terminology and brainwash them with complicated techniques. The job of an astrologer is not to play the psychiatrist and analyze or listen – read every problem with no problem, comfort, give therapies, etc. My job is not to cure, but to READ the symbol and explain WHY. Astrology also does not have the purpose if there is no PROGNOSIS. 
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