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Astrocartography - Where to go for vacation?
written by: Jovana Lučić Gajić / Text published: in May 2008

Homeland, hometown and place of residence are always represented by the sign of Cancer, fourth house and its natural ruler the Moon. But the Moon stands for wanderings, comings and goings as well as islands and lakes. With sign, ascendant in Cancer or accentuated position of the Moon in natal horoscope it always goes the saying “it’s nice to see the world, but even better to get back home”.

Foreign country and border are always represented by the sign of Sagittarius, ninth house of natal horoscope and the planet Jupiter. Jupiter and Sagittarius stand for big highways, with several traffic lanes. Jupiter is also a borderer whom you give your passport to and a standard question “Anything to declare?” Also, Jupiter is every foreigner you meet, every horizon you see and every space you manage well, with ticket in your hand. Sagittarius is also Dalmatia, Mexico, Spain…

Mercury stands for close travelling, neighboring cities and countries, as well as the third house, the house of its rule. Mercury is every crossroad, local road, but also a car going fast through Ibarska magistrala, and even a hand paying for toll in every turn, fees, etc.

Mercury is always a traveler, the one that turns its head in the direction of cities passing by, but also a child who waves with his/her hand from the car that surpasses you on the road. Mercury is also a traffic light, and even a bank that you ran into to change your money. So, Mercury is a short travel. Well, if you have Mercury in your ninth house you really enjoy going abroad, on a road that you pass with a car.
If in your natal horoscope you have Mercury in Leo as a ruler of the fifth house, in the ninth house, there you have rent-a-car and a car tour from the north Croatia, Slovenia, down the coast of Italy to the south of France.  This wouldn’t be hard for you; moreover, it would be a pleasure. Did you know that Paris is also a Virgo? Greece and Malta too?

Twelfth house, together with the sign of Pisces or Neptune, represents distant foreign countries over the sea, or over the ocean. If, for instance, it comes to your mind to “drop by” to Australia or Mexico, this means that your twelfth house turned on. Twelfth house generally speaks about seas, but also about spas (health resorts).

If you noticed that every time you went to a spa, to a sea or across the ocean you got sick, make sure your astrologer checks your twelfth house.
For example, Saturn in Cancer or Saturn in Capricorn in the twelfth house would not be so bad under Bukulja, in Bukovička banja, but in Kotor or Dubrovnik there you have a cold, bones ache, and lung problems. Saturn and the sign of Capricorn generally rule the mountains, not hills or parks that are ruled by the sign of Taurus. With a bit of Capricorn or stronger Saturn in III, V, IX or XII house there you have the road to Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Himalayas, etc.

If you have Saturn in ninth, third, fifth or twelfth house, there you have a mountain plateau on a road or a port. For instance, Saturn in Pisces in IX house (or as a ruler of IX house) would be an old town along the sea. Saturn in Taurus is Tara, in Libra the Great Wall of China, in Sagittarius Portugal, etc. So, it does not necessary need a mountain, but a port, a wall or a plateau it certainly does.

The Sun in the twelfth house adores the sea and metropolis; Moon cannot “liven up” without large water. If you fantasize about only five days of holiday at the sea, after which you come back regenerated, at any part of the world, then your “good positioned” twelfth house called again, the sign of Pisces and Neptune, the Sun and the Moon in twelfth, so your little toes “all by themselves” missed sea water and an open sea view.
Neptune rules the boats and yachts, so with a bit of Neptune in ninth or twelfth house, let’s say in Sagittarius, there you have a yacht cruise or a tourist travel on a boat at the open sea.

Fifth house, the sign of Leo and the Sun rule holidays wherever you are, and with more of Leo, preferable on the most luxurious place.
With a bit of Mars, for example in the sign of Cancer, in the fifth house, there you have a fireplace in the hotel you are staying in.

With Jupiter in Cancer, in the fifth house you get a big hotel, the most expensive one with the largest number of stars, somewhere on Geneva Lake or at least a walk along Plitvice lakes or a good Šara burger on Lake Ohrid. Fifth house in the sign of Scorpio suggests drama that always occurs on a holiday, while you are there or when you come back. Sagittarius tells the story about extended holiday for a week or two, and Capricorn or Sagittarius about shortened stay on holiday.

Uranus and Aquarius love airplanes, height, view and everything but those banal things that everybody like. So, not Miami Beach, Cote de Azure, Acapulco or Dubai – these are loved by Leo and the Sun in the houses of journey. No Greece, no Turkey, God forbid.  
Aquarius loves things that wouldn’t even come to our mind. Philippines, Ireland, Siberia, Cambodia, etc.

What to look at?

First, the sign on your Ascendant, the third house as a move in every way, fifth house as a vacation, ninth house as a distant travel or the border generally and the twelfth house as an over-the-ocean travel, but also as any holiday at spa or at sea.
Have a nice trip and do not forget to write.  

Jovana Lučić-Gajić was born in Belgrade in 1974, where she lives and works.
From 1993 until 1997 she worked as an editor of astrological show “Night with astrologer” that was aired on Belgrade radio stations. 
From 1998 until 2008 she taught astrology at Belgrade university “Đuro Salaj”. From 2008 until today she teaches in her school "JovanaL27".
She is the author of five collections of texts; she writes and publishes texts for magazines and has regular astrological shows on regional televisions. She works with clients live or via Skype on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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