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Rectification -
find your correct time of birth

written by: Jovana Lučić Gajić, Text published in Code magazine, September 2005


Rectification is the process of finding real birth time of one person. It is very useful, possibly quite reliable even when we know the approximate hour of birth. If you do not have a date of birth, rectification is theoretically possible. In practice, the result of the hard work is only an intelligent guesswork. In determining the possible ascendant, I suppose that the great number of my colleagues will set on the basis of physical appearance and constitution of the person whose natal investigating. The planets that are in close contact with the top of the first house can very successfully mask physical appearance. Of course, the Ascendant does not describe only a physical appearance. It describes the personality, lifestyle and so on. But how a good astrologer knows the personality of the client that he is trying to do rectification to if there is no date of birth, and no concrete data of important events of his life?

Every one of my colleagues who engages in substantial rectification, not based on physical appearance, nor to rely on it. Rectification is primarily done on the basis of important events in the life of the individual. Every astrologer and the person, who wants to become one, should not automatically assume that client’s time of birth is unreliable and should routinely do the rectification.

“How to pick the right time for someone and claim that? I think that is not so important in those few minutes, which they agree or disagree ... For me, every time I get close, should be applauded … I was born through the paper on 26th of April in 1942 at the dawn in the Loznica ... calculation was made as if there was no a war time, 5h GMT. And I still hold of that. I think that this is not the most accurate, but it is not far from it ... it would be 1° Gemini 25’. I married on 4th of June in 1960 around noon, and divorced on 18th of April in 1973 around 10:00am. The judgment was final and marriage then ended. Maybe it's interesting that I filed for divorce on 21st of May in 1971 when Jupiter R and Neptune R were on the line of my seventh house, and after leaving the hospital where I went on my birthday on 26th of April in 1971 - total breakdown.
First job on 1st of February in 1964. I got an apartment and moved in with my family on 15th of August in 1964 ... I have two married daughters ... I am an electrical engineer by profession ... began to study at two universities and completed studies at the third Polytechnic High School... and nothing ....Maybe it's interesting that I moved to Sarajevo in October, 1945 and lived there until 29th October, 2000. This I consider very important for me ... like the second moving in my life ... since then I have been living with my father in Herceg Novi, and where I have rented my flat ... I do not think I am going to return in my flat. Daughters: 29/04/1961 in 05:25am in Sarajevo and the other one on 21/12/1964 in 09:45am in Sarajevo ... for parents it is very debatable: the father probably on 10th of October, 1919 Krupanj. I'm tall 161 cm. I was four when I learned reading and five when started writing…no one taught me… mostly self-taught … always packing until the last moment ... I'm applying a nail in the train ... I have a good memory. .. I record and so mostly I remember ... ... stickler... superficiality annoys me terribly... everything has to fit me ... I can not show to you a grin when I am joyful… I played the violin and drew well ... scribblers everything ... and went to "hillbilly school" …I enjoyed the job... everything stopped 2/5/ 1992. ... I lost my job…and retired in 1997... When I was 55 again my birthday... Weak Lungs…thyroid… kidneys…and character trait ... all I have, I spend ... and I don’t have relationship with money ... I like when I have money, but only to spend… in fact, I like spending …

In the following lines, you can see the attempt of rectification:

My search result and your birth time rectification is: 26th of April, 1942. at 05:52 AM CED
TimeZone: - 2.00, Loznica, ex YUG, long: 019*E13' lat: 44*N32'
Remark: in 1942 there was the War time calculating.

First things first: When I go with the rectification, necessarily I make a written or an oral interview with the client, because that going to help me. Specifically, it will help me because I will "listen" to his astrological "priorities" ... The first thing we pronounce will be of great help. "... I married on 4th of June in 1960 around noon, and divorced on 18th of April in 1973 around 10 am. The judgment was final and marriage then ended..."

Further, the first "verbal initiative" sent to astrologer, is related to the degree of the Ascendant - in this case on the theme of marriage - this is the first indication that ASC could be at 7° Taurus.
On the wedding day, 4th of June, 1960. Neptune is in retrograde journey transiting the top of 7th house with orbis than 1°. Let's see where Venus was that day (ruler of the ASC, but the ruler of the top of 7th house) to the transit Neptune from the top of 7th house. Venus 8° Gemini/Neptune 6° Scorpio - make equidistance to get the common angle - and again that is 7° - if the ASC from radix (natal horoscope) at 7°, 06/04/1960 - Venus transit 1° more than 30° ASC radix, transit Neptune 1° less than 180° from the Ascendant. On divorce day 18/04/1973 about 10:00am Sarajevo - Moon (center of events) 7° Scorpio 180° ASC, Neptune, Vtx 7° of Sagittarius 150° with ASC ... "... Maybe it's interesting that I filed for divorce on 21st of May in 1971 when Jupiter R and Neptune R were on the line of my seventh house, and after leaving the hospital where I went on my birthday on 26th of April in 1971 - total breakdown…"
Ruler of axis 1/7 house Venus in 12th house on the degree of Libra at 135° (134°) with Pluto, 138° Chiron - divorce after she was in hospital AP (Arabic Part) of Marriage – on 24° Sagittarius 53' square 90° Venus from 12th house) and psychological distress (135° Venus - Pluto conjunct Chiron). "...first job 01.02.1964...." - 1st of February, 1964 transit of Jupiter 14° Aries 150° (149° to be precise) top of the 6th house, Mars 14° of Aquarius 150° with the top of the 6th house…therefore transit Jupiter/Mars 150° top of the 6th house radix - expansion and "legalization" of workplace. Furthermore, if you came that day to work from 6:30am to 07:00am the ASC event is on the 7° of Aquarius.

Horoscope of Solar Return for 1963/1964. - ASC Solar return at 12° Gemini comes from the second house of radix, ruler of 2nd Solar house, the Moon progresses towards ASC - difference 3°- it is interesting that radix Moon 3° of sixth house - gets the job when the Moon take the orb in Solar - 3° to applying conjunction to the ASC of Solar return.

"...I have got a flat and move in with my family 15.08.1964...I have two married daughters... " -15/08/1964 Venus 7° Cancer 60° ASC radix, Mars transit 10° of Cancer applying sextile with orb 1° to the radix Mercury. - Horoscope of Solar return for 1961, when the second daughter was - ASC 11° Scorpio 0° Neptune Solar return (again orb. 1° - Neptune10° ) - Neptune is a ruler of fifth house in solar return, radix Venus 0° of fifth house radix; Sun/Moon in the same corner as in Natal Moon in Solar return 6° Virgo conjunct Pluto of Solar return (Moon again 1° orb of 120° to the ASC radix). – Horoscope of Solar return for 1964: ASC 27° Leo - out of the fifth radix house - second daughter was born in 1964 - Fortuna in the Solar Return horoscope 12° Aquarius 180° top of radix fifth house.

"... I am an electrical engineer by profession... " - ruler of the 10th house Saturn conjunction Uranus - electricity, electrical

"...began to study at two universities and completed studies at the third Polytechnic High School ... and nothing ... " - Top of the ninth house at 29° of Sagittarius - great potential for the study - ruler Jupiter 20° Gemini (at least two universities - Gemini, who will not be finished, 20 ° - degree of Scorpio).

"... Maybe it's interesting that I was moved to Sarajevo in October, 1945 and was there until 29th October, 2000..." - Ruler of the fourth house Moon when she was three years old, using primary directions on 6° of Virgin – degree missing to 120° ASC. The sixth house describes second place of residence or another flat, ruler is Mercury 0° Sun Taurus – second place of residence was in the center (Sun) Islamic (Taurus) communities in the former country.

"... I have rented my flat ... I do not think I am going to return in my flat... " - Pluto from the fourth house 30° Moon = you will be back one day, why not, with a little help of "foreigners" , Jupiter 53 ° Pluto.

"… I have never had a problem with my weight and I always messed with food ..." - ASC at the degree of Libra - slim and attractive "good legs", she likes to be beautiful: "... people say that I had good legs ..."

"... I was four when I learned reading …" - ASC 7° /Mercury 11° when she was four, Ascendant 0° Mercury.

“no one taught me… mostly self-taught...hahaha..." - Mercury is progressing towards Saturn and Uranus.

"... always packing until the last moment... I'm applying a nail in the train..." - Mercury on ASC.

"...I enjoyed the job..." - 10 degrees of Libra... “Everything stopped 2/5/ 1992. ... I lost my job…and retired in 1997... When I was 55 again my birthday." - When she was 55, Saturn with Primary Directions was on the 6° of Cancer, again 1° to the full sextile to the Ascendant - "fracture of old structures" in the profession (Saturn is the ruler of the 10th house) - pension.

"...weak Lungs...thyroid...kidneys..." - weak Lungs - Mercury – rule with sixth house on ASC; thyroid, kidneys - ASC 7° Libra.


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Jovana Lučić-Gajić was born in Belgrade in 1974, where she lives and works. From 1993 until 1997 she worked as an editor of astrological show “Night with astrologer” that was aired on Belgrade radio stations. From 1998 until 2008 she taught astrology at Belgrade university “Đuro Salaj”.From 2008 until today she teaches in her school "JovanaL27".
She is the author of five collections of texts; she writes and publishes texts for magazines and has regular astrological shows on regional televisions. 
She works with clients live or via Skype on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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