Jupiter transit Virgo
From August 12th 2015 until September 9th, 2016
written by: Jovana Lučić-Gajić
The text was published on August 11th , 2015 


Jupiter was in Virgo: from 11th of August, 1932 to 10th of September, 1933, from 25th of July, 1944 until 25th of August, 1945, from 17th of November, 1955 until 12th of December, 1956 from 19th of October, 1967 until 26th of February, 1968 ,and from 15th of June, 1968. Transit Jupiter is back in the sign of Virgo on March 30th in 1969. And it was in the same sign until 15th of July, 1969. On September 20th, 1979, Jupiter re-entered in the sign of Virgo and stayed until October 27th, 1980. On September 12th, 1991 he again entered in the sign of Virgo and stayed there until October 10th, 1992. Furthermore, since August 27th, 2003 until September 24th, 2004, he stayed in the same sign.

This year, in August 12th Jupiter will enter in the sign of Virgo and will stay until September 9th, 2016.

Astrologically speaking Jupiter is the planet that gives each of us, happiness, it is called a great benefic (unlike Venus, a small benefic). He needs 11.86 years to return to the start position and cross the entire zodiac circle.

Western astrologers consider it a planet of happiness, prosperity and progress. East astrologers, the teacher who will help to animal needs and propensity wishes, exaggeration and a sense of superiority, reduced to the limit and control the material level. Jupiter is in the Eastern tradition presented like malefic.

Symbolizes morality, clergy, foreigners, functions, benevolence, understanding, generosity, philosophy, enthusiasm, optimism, expansion, and a sense of superiority. It rules with wealth, freedom, higher intellect, great jobs, growth, prosperity, hedonism, higher education, philosophical reflection, sports, long roads, traffic jam, etc.

The basic need of Jupiter is to understand, figure out, learns, travel, perceive, experience expanse, wealth, success, to cross the border and integrate into other cultures. In order to understand Jupiter, imagine that you are in a visit to an expensive restaurant, everything is possible and available, but in the end bill will arrive.

“If it is set good, describes a person as generous, faithful, shy, tends to a big things on honorable way, in all parts has a good behavior, wants to bring the benefit to all people, seems glorious things, nuns and religious. Has sweet and loving speech, wonderfully indulgent towards women and children, respecting the old people, helping the poor, full of goodness and divinity. The liberal, and hates all dirty work, righteous and wise, cost-effective, grateful and moral.
When it is the bad (in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, badly aspected and in poor houses), wasting everything that ancestors worked for, claims that everybody cheat him, falsely religious, gritty and rigid in maintaining the false principles in religion, ignorant, careless , does not enjoy the love of his friends. Big, dull looks, humiliated in every society, kneeling and praying when there is no need for that."
(William Lilly, “Christian Astrology”)

On the 12th of August transit Jupiter will enter into the sign of Virgo. 

 Make a lot of small is the most important thing in the next period.














Transit Jupiter in Virgo will return problem of health, labor and workers in the foreground. Most of you who are not satisfied with the workplace, will have a chance to "roll up their sleeves" and make a change, within the same industry, but with a different employer.
Too much time spent on the job, too much work, for a small fee, will mark the next period.

This will be a period and the introduction of order in the sphere of economy, labor laws, health, and so on. More work will be for employees in health care, pharmacology, trades and administration. On the other hand, small businesses will wonder whether they can withstand changes in the law and in the spring of next year, many will decide for the closures. The sign of Virgo is associated with health and I expect significant progress in the field of finding solutions for many current diseases which has no cure.

From 8th of January, 2016 Jupiter changes its direction of movement from direct to retrograde motion, and it will stay until 10th of May, 2016 when it would start in stationary direct stroke. Get ready for a huge selection in the sphere of business, labor, and array of services, changes in every day. Work on the services you offer, make a reorganization in daily calendar, you should deal with the health problems that you have time neglected.


What we now need to keep in mind is that it is precisely in these four months you have the opportunity to develop a vision of what you want really, SAVE MONEY, work as "ant", make a list of priorities that you want to achieve, organize everyday life and then from May all thoughtfully, step by step, realize.