• Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius 


  • “We play in twelve rounds. The present against me. I lost the previous eleven. Defeat after defeat. And now I am waiting for the last round. The key round. The fact that I did not fall so far gives me more strength. It’s only now that I hope to win, by knock-out, because the fate is too tired from punches that it will eventually fall by itself.  And maybe it will fall on knees when it realizes that I am not going to fall.” Slaviša Pavlović

    Transiting Saturn is significant for development and adventure of each individual and it primarily represents EXPERIENCE. 
    In natal chart, for instance, it depicts hereditary models of behavior, family and social influences, limitations and blockades, obstacles, that a person itself sometimes repeats according to the learned matrix. For example, you will notice that one year, no matter how aloof you are, if transiting Saturn goes in conjunction, square or opposition toward natal Moon, you become melancholic, irritable, pessimistic. 

    Transiting Saturn brings into focus (voluntary or by force) the facing with consequences of past actions or final solution to certain situations. Unfortunately, this solution will not be pleasant at all. 
    It is of utmost importance that we pay attention to houses that Saturn activates while transiting, and after that the aspects towards natal planets. Astrological fields (houses) will indicate the segments of life that will suffer (“be pressured”), while the aspect toward natal planet will show how the pressure will be reflected.  
    Transit through houses of value (2, 6, 10) will block money flow, make working conditions more difficult, slow the position, but it will also bring the emergence of health issues that could become chronic. Saturn transiting through houses of relationships (3, 7, 11) will slow down and disturb communication with close surrounding, relatives, partners (business as well as love ones), distance you from friends and slow down the realization of plans. In the corner houses (1, 4, 7, 10) we will be faced with reality in the most brutal way.
    Saturn stayed in Sagittarius from December 2nd 1926 until March 15th 1929 (returned to the sign of Sagittarius from May 5th until November 29th 1929), from January 12th 1956 (from May 13th – October 10th 1956 Saturn returned to the sign of Scorpio) until January 5th 1959. Further on, Saturn stayed in Sagittarius from November 16th 1985 until February 13th 1988 (on June 10th 1988 Saturn returned to the sign of Sagittarius and stayed there until November 12th 1988).

    What happened in the previous periods while transiting Saturn stayed in Sagittarius?

    For instance, on October 29th 1929 began the New York stock market crash known as “Black Tuesday” (the beginning of big crisis), that shook the foundations of American economy, and later it spread to the whole world. The industrial production in developed countries decreased, and over 26 million people lost their jobs. A lot of large banks and powerful companies went bankrupt, and thousands of business people and little companies were left with nothing
    In that period, the number of suicide of business people increased. Two days later, on Thursday, Bank Association spent millions on buying shares in order to stabilize prices. The market slightly recovered, so the weekend was welcomed with relief. Monday was an unsteady day – there was a lot of trade and a lot of loss, but there was no significant recovery. In a few months the country overcame the crisis. 

    If you look at the chart of events
    , you will see that Saturn was in Sagittarius in that time and made opposition toward Jupiter (crash of bank systems and power). In the same time, Uranus stayed in the sign of Aries and made applying aspect toward Pluto in the cardinal sign of Cancer. Saturn and Neptune were in unfriendly mutable signs Sagittarius/Virgo and brought a lot of everyday confusion concerning business, work and future. Fortunately, Saturn changed the sign soon. 

    If we look closer, in fall 2016, the transit Saturn will build square toward Jupiter from the sign of Virgo, while Uranus will leave the square from the sign of Aries toward Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Saturn and Neptune will again build square from mutable signs Pisces/Sagittarius. Worry because of work and everyday life will be active again. Can we expect another serious stock market crash and big world unemployment (at least)?

    On the other hand, in March 1957, while Saturn was in retrograde move through the sign of Sagittarius,European Economic Community was constituted in Rome by six countries, members of European Coal and Steel Community, by signing the contract about the constitution of EEC and ECSC. European Economic Community remained the most important organization of the three countries (the basic goals of the organization were building of common market on the basis of custom’s union – Saturn in Sagittarius, that is, the solution to all economic obstacles, coordination of country politics and life standard increase inside the Union. This Community stopped existing in 1967 when it was united with European Coal and Steel Community and European Atomic Energy Community, by which European Union was established. In 1967 transiting Saturn reached the sign of Aries, while Jupiter was again in the sign of Virgo). 

    If we look closer, in forming of European Economic Community we do not have the involvement of Pluto and Uranus in square or opposition, but a Saturn trine toward middle point– equidistance, toward both planets. This particular trine could bring stable basis for international (Sagittarius) mediation, association (trine) and development. 

    Further on, space shuttle “Challenger” (the second NASA orbiter that was put to service, after Columbia, made in Willard Rockwell company in Downey) exploded 73 seconds after launch in its tenth mission, STS-51-L, on January 28th 1986. All seven crew members died in this accident. This accident resulted in two-and-a-half year grounding of the shuttle fleet, and missions resumed in 1988 by launching of Discovery shuttle in STS-26 mission. If you look at the chart of events, you will notice that Saturn and Uranus (explosion) were in the same sign that day (Sagittarius – traffic) while Mars was on the last degrees of Scorpio and was getting ready to enter Sagittarius. 

    This year, on December 23rd 2014 Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius and will stay there until December 19th 2017 (from June 14th until September 17th 2015 transiting Saturn will shortly return to Scorpio). 
    From astrological point, Saturn is “the messenger” of time and his determiner. Chronor, Phoenon, Falcifer, Saturn disciplines, dries, cools down; in accordance with that, it is natural that its domicile houses are in the opposite position from Moon (opposite of emotions) and Sun (opposite of ego). 
    Opposition literally stands for “to break, to face, to overcome”. Saturn symbolizes: rationality, distance, reservation, position, systems, duration, breaks, blockades, waiting, suffering, loneliness, maturity. It is the carrier of destiny, will, caution, stoicism. 
    Old, wise men, conservatism, duty, skepticism, modesty, responsibility, seriousness, suppression, piling, readiness for hard work are just some of the Saturn’s virtues. 

    It is retrograde for 140 days, five days “stuck on one degree” before it changes the direction from direct into retrograde, and the same amount of days it is “stuck on one degree” before it changes the direction from retrograde into direct move. 

    Saturn is the complex; it indicates the point of basic insecurity and depicts our efforts to overcome it in time or at least to hide it. Saturn stands for everything long-term, chronic and inevitable. But, do not forget, without Saturn there is no structure, no lasting, no breaks, no building, and of course no fear, consequence and so on. Actually, without Saturn there is no “spine” and stability! Sagittarius depicts understanding, move, moving, search for meaning, expansion, philosophy and education. Sagittarius loves challenge, expansion, independence and lack of restraint. 

    Transiting Saturn will be staying in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter (momentarily transiting through the sign of Leo, and entering the sign of Virgo at the end of summer
    ). Jupiter rules the money, religion, education, optimism, width, learning and moral. 
    This will be the time of big reforms in the education sector, blockades in communication, new Internet viruses, and time of problems in religion, law and international trade. 

    The following period will mark conflicts and narrowing of choice concerning religious rights, limitations in learning and being informed, closing and stricter control of borders, migration and export reduction, as well as bonds printing or unsecured money. 

    In the following years the world will not only struggle with extremist Islamic organizations and communities, but the pressure will also come from certain Christian communities. 
    On a personal level, the need for education will be redefined, we will be deprived of certain travels, the possibilities for “healthy” interaction with law will narrow down and all burdens will be accepted in order to bring back the optimism. 

    On December 8th 2014 transiting Saturn enters the shadow and stops its walk, so that on March 14th 2015 it “goes back” (moves retrograde) from 04* Sagittarius 55. It will move retrograde until August 2nd 2015 when it changes direction, to stationery direct move, from 28* Scorpio. 

    Retrograde Saturn symbolizes riots, destruction, blockades, violence, hatred, retreat, destroys existing systems, turns back the time, returns envy, destroys ambition and brings serious stock market losses. 

    On a personal level
    : Retrograde Saturn in watery and fixed sign of Scorpio will again bring life, support, sexuality, death and force to the “exam” of stamina. The return to issues we forgot about! It is important to question LIMITS (limitations) and responsibility! To question what is normal and what is not normal. Be extremely disciplined and set the hardest tasks for yourself. Make minimal expenses, make cardinal cuts on business plan and finally “clean the trash from your yard” and solve private dilemmas, because you will feel that things happen OUT of anyone’s CONTROL! 
    Duty, loyalty, stamina, setting of personal boundaries and taking of responsibility. This retrograde move of Saturn will help the finish of everything unresolved; it will give us enough time to free ourselves from everything bad in everyday life. It will help us “pull” many plans outside of our possibilities and gain experience that will be significant in the upcoming time. There will be stagnations concerning position, finances. There will be obstacles concerning real estate selling, family relations. There will be delays in new enterprises related to work, business. Paying of fines, once more, loneliness and survival are key words!

    Get ready to narrow your sights, adjust your beliefs and plans, make “new circle” in education, clear up with old unnecessary things and change your view of the world forever!



Jovana Lučić-Gajić was born in Belgrade in 1974, where she lives and works.
From 1993 until 1997 she worked as an editor of astrological show “Night with astrologer” that was aired on Belgrade radio stations. 
From 1998 until 2008 she taught astrology at Belgrade university “Đuro Salaj”. From 2008 until today she teaches in her school "JovanaL27".
She is the author of five collections of texts; she writes and publishes texts for magazines and has regular astrological shows on regional televisions. She works with clients live or via Skype on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

e-mail: jovanalg@yahoo.com
mob/viber: +381 61 195 0953 
skype: joanna.lucic.gajic

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